Sharing the Harvest

"Share the Harvest"

“Share the Harvest”

Today, I am feeling extremely thankful and full of love.  I have been blessed in many ways for, as of today, 33 years.  We have a wonderful organization in Bloomington, Indiana that works endlessly to provide healthy food options to those in need in the community.  To date, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard has “distributed more than 6 million pounds of food.”  I noticed a couple of weeks ago while shopping at Bloomingfoods Co-Op the month of November was Share the Harvest month for MHC.  My love of food and desire to share healthy, fresh, organic, food with others is growing daily. While Grumpy Grizzly Farms is hibernating for the winter, I decided that I would like to Share the Harvest in another way.  Today on my 33rd birthday I donated $33 dollars to Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.  While monetarily this donation is very small, $33 dollars=330 pounds of food!  A little bit really does go a very long way.  In a time that many are struggling to make ends meet, I hope that you can find your own way to Share the Harvest. You can learn more about Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard at

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