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She’s got it all figured out!

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Mushroom Medley

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Peas, Radishes, and onions, oh my!

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Cardinal Love

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I caught these two lovebirds sharing their morning meal.  Actually, she wasn’t sharing much!

(Sorry for the abrupt end to the video/music.  My editing skills are a bit lacking.)

Perfect Turtle Timing

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We had a consistent visitor for a few days last summer (maybe because we were providing fat, juicy, worms leftover from our fishing trips).  I just happened to be outside while she prepared a spot to lay her eggs.  We watched in awe as she dug the hole, laid her eggs, and covered them up with precise, careful, movements.  Even though we never saw the eggs hatch,  I believe this was truly perfect turtle timing.

Nature’s Gifts

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“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson