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Greenhouse face-lift continued…

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We accomplished so much this weekend.  The weather was perfect and we definitely maximized our time spent outdoors.  It is amazing how much better I feel when I am able to be out moving around in the sun and in the garden.   I certainly wish more people could experience this feeling.  My husband Corey is super talented and amazingly giving.  His true passions involve hiking boots and a fishing pole, but he ALWAYS makes time to help me create my passion in our garden.  This arbor in front of our greenhouse was 100% his vision and, I have to admit, I had trouble picturing it when we started.  I’ve learned over the years that once he starts a project and has a vision the end product will be fabulous.  And this time was no different.  We lost a huge tree last winter in an ice storm and this weekend we were finally able to pull it all out to burn.  This is when the light bulb went off in his head and he decided we should try to use some of the free materials to create an entry into the greenhouse.  I really love this space and I can’t wait until the morning glory’s are climbing up, up, up!  (thanks for the idea Aunt MK)!

Greenhouse face-lift!

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John’s Place: My Dad’s Glorious Garden and Greenhouse

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Welcome to John’s Place. My dad has been hard at work building an outdoor oasis. This fabulous outdoor space has been built by his two hands alone. During my Christmas visit, we designed and installed custom drip irrigation (we both agreed that store bought drip hose would not be visually appealing). We started with 1/2 inch PVC pipe, drilled small holes, and laid the pipe in different configurations until we were able to maintain a proper drip flow. We painted the PVC green so that it would blend into the space. Also, valves were added so my dad could have more control over what plants were being watered at any given time. When mother nature allows, the installed rain barrel enables dad to capture large amounts of the Florida rains.

I come from an ultra creative, artistic, and resourceful family. You can see small examples of this throughout my dad’s outdoor haven. The colorful shelf inside the greenhouse, the handmade plant stakes, and hand painted door pull on the greenhouse all showcase his creative spirit. My favorite part is the ladybug on the door pull. Walking around the garden, you will find great examples of re-purposing old materials. The plant cart on the upper deck was originally a grill. He was able to reuse the base and build a table top. We also revived an old plant basket simply by adding a bright orange paint color and inserting a new coconut liner. It’s amazing what spray paint can do!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Glorious Garden @ Johns Place. The space is so inspiring. Three years ago no one in our family had a garden and now my dad has a garden and we have an acre vegetable garden. I’m learning that it’s absolutely addictive! Gardens allow you to connect not only with nature but more importantly with each other.  So with this…I urge you to get outside, get dirty and grow!

Until next time. See you later alligator.