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True Locavore Dinner

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Dinner tonight all from less than 10 miles away! I sure love Indiana summers…

Garden is growing!

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Sorry for the long break in posts…we have been busy playing in the dirt!







Peas, Radishes, and onions, oh my!

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Love and history in the palm of my hand…

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We received a  priceless gift last year.  It actually takes my breath away when I think about it.  My husband’s step mother, Marcia, gave us a neatly packaged gift of bean seeds, known as Bollen Beans, that have been passed down through the family over the years.  I am not sure how old the seeds we received were or how long the variety has been in the family.  I am guessing that this variety of bean has been enjoyed, loved, and passed on for well over a half of a century.   Tonight I worked on keeping this family history alive.  We planted Bollen Beans in our garden last year for the first time.   We dried the majority of the beans over the winter and we are now in the process of shelling them.  I feel a huge sense of responsibility to keep this variety alive and thriving.  Studies today estimate that up to 93% of our vegetable varieties have been forever lost.  I absolutely admire the passion, dedication, and leadership of those people working to ensure that we do not lose the remaining 7% .  I cherish our piece of history and I hope to hold it in the palm of my hand for many years to come.

Thank you Marcia! XO

Support your local growers!

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Greenhouse face-lift continued…

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We accomplished so much this weekend.  The weather was perfect and we definitely maximized our time spent outdoors.  It is amazing how much better I feel when I am able to be out moving around in the sun and in the garden.   I certainly wish more people could experience this feeling.  My husband Corey is super talented and amazingly giving.  His true passions involve hiking boots and a fishing pole, but he ALWAYS makes time to help me create my passion in our garden.  This arbor in front of our greenhouse was 100% his vision and, I have to admit, I had trouble picturing it when we started.  I’ve learned over the years that once he starts a project and has a vision the end product will be fabulous.  And this time was no different.  We lost a huge tree last winter in an ice storm and this weekend we were finally able to pull it all out to burn.  This is when the light bulb went off in his head and he decided we should try to use some of the free materials to create an entry into the greenhouse.  I really love this space and I can’t wait until the morning glory’s are climbing up, up, up!  (thanks for the idea Aunt MK)!

Greenhouse face-lift!

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