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Garden is growing!

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Sorry for the long break in posts…we have been busy playing in the dirt!







Peas, Radishes, and onions, oh my!

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Support your local growers!

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Greenhouse face-lift!

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How to plant potatoes!

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Once the ground can be worked in the early spring, it’s time to plant seed potatoes.  I thought I’d share the way we plant our potatoes (there are plenty of other other options)!

1.  Work the ground and prepare the bed.   Add organic matter and  fertilizer as needed. (Our local seed potato supplier recommends a 5-10-10 fertilizer).  Dig a trench that is at least 4″ deep.

2.  Just before you are ready to put the seed in the ground, cut larger potatoes into sections.  Be sure that there is at least one eye on each piece that you cut.

3.  Toss the potatoes into the trench about 8″ apart.  Cover the potatoes with straw and then top with the dirt you dug out when preparing the trench.

4.  Keep vines well watered and weed often.  As the plants grow,  pull soil and straw up around the base

5.  Now we wait!  When the vines begin to die, (somewhere between 100-120 days), the potatoes are almost ready.  A couple more weeks of patience and you can harvest.  If you have a hard time waiting, like I do, you can dig up a section and enjoy the young potatoes you find.

I love, love, love digging up potatoes!  Be careful not to pierce them if you use a potato fork!  It’s so much fun to see the abundant harvest that comes from a tiny section of seed.

I LOVE this…

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Because I canDo you can?

I’d love to hear about your delicious family recipes, stories and memories!

Lets be LOCA!

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Lets be LOCA!

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