Saved by the Garden Gods

Sunday was a scary evening.  I was out in the garden plopped down planting onion sets.  Our garden was a horse pasture in its former life and it is bordered by a rough cut oak fence.  We live on one of the most popular cruising roads in the state of Indiana.  When the temperatures begin to break in the spring, hundreds of motorcycle riders, car clubs, and tourists flock to our neck of the woods.  Sunday evening a teenager, with two friends, decided that our road was their own personal racetrack.  I heard them coming and instantly knew they were going to crash…I jumped up, dropped the onions, and ran for my life.  He lost control about 15 feet from where I had been planted in my little onion world.  They hit the fence and took out about 60 feet, missed a head on collision with the telephone pole by about 2 feet, hit my 1974 Corvette that was for sale at the end of the driveway, and then traveled approximately 150 more feet until the car came to a stop.  The police officers measured 667 feet of skid marks and estimate that he was traveling 100 mph.  Miraculously, three teenagers walked away from the car alive and I am alive.  I am thankful for life.  Tonight I went back out and finished planting my onions.

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