Rainbow Chard: Immune boost for those with the sick bug!


My husband has been bit by the sick bug!  It is definitely that time of year and germs are taking over.  We have been adding greens to our meals like crazy in order to up our sick bug fighting arsenal.  The chard family of greens are naturally high in Vitamins A, K and C…making it a perfect immune boost.  Rainbow Chard is simply beautiful and I love the color is adds to the garden of greens.  Sometimes its so pretty I have a hard time cutting it!  The picture above is Rainbow chard that we grew this season at Grumpy Grizzly Farms.  Unfortunately, we are out of our own fresh supply but you can find chard year round at your local co-op or grocery store.   Rainbow Chard has a very light flavor compared to some greens, which can be very bitter. Most of the time we steam our greens but there are a variety of ways that you can prepare them and incorporate them into your meals.  Just remember, cook much more than you think you can eat because they will cook down substantially.   Our friend and mentor Steve Spencer, of Local Folks Foods, taught us that if you add an egg to your greens not only will you benefit from the added protein, but it will also cut down the bitterness in the greens.  We love to eat this for dinner but it would also be a power packed way to start the day.  

Enjoy…and I hope the sick bug skips over you!



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