Check out…LOCALFOLKS FOODS: The Flavor of the Midwest

"The Flavor of the Midwest"

Christmas is coming!  Localfolks Foods offers a variety of products that can spice up the holidays!  You can learn more about them below and purchase these delicious products at

LocalFolks Foods is proud to produce a variety of wholesome natural foods that capture the flavorful abundance of America’s Midwest farm region. Our ingredients are harvested at their peak of ripeness to bring you the delicious “Flavor of the Midwest.” We are committed to providing the best of our country’s heartland bounty to your table year-round.

Simple, Natural Ingredients

Each LocalFolks Foods product is made with simplicity and quality in mind. Before you taste our richly colored and savory Stone Ground XXpress Mustard, Ketchup, Salsas and Sauces, let our labels tell you our story. Our delicious and healthy recipes never contain corn syrup, gluten, genetically modified or artificial ingredients. Our products are also fat free, lower sodium, and packaged in recyclable and health-friendly glass.

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