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Happy Halloween

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I am feeling inspired by the beauty and wonder of nature. The Great Smoky Mountains amaze me more every time we set out among the trees. It is amazing what you can see and experience if you just allow yourself to step off of the beaten path.

Harvest Colors

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Allen and Richardson Farm Stand

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Allen and Richardson Farm Stand

Roadside Stand Series: Allen and Richardson Farm Stand

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I stumbled upon Allen and Richardson Farm Stand passing through Martinsville, Indiana. I was welcomed by a charming, energetic, and fabulous 74 year young woman named Barbara. Barbara’s father had a small garden for his growing family. Her father, Charlie, had no intentions of selling his bounty but the local dentist changed that quickly. Charlie went in to see his dentist and they struck up a conversation about the garden. While discussing what wonderful things he was growing in the garden, the dentist asked if Charlie would mind growing some for him. People just started showing up requesting fresh produce from Charlie and that was the beginning of the farm stand. Barbara started working at the stand when she was 6 years old and has been a part of it ever since then. Her son Perry now grows all of their produce. Barbara said her favorite part of the stand has been getting to meet all of the people that visit from all over the country. It was an honer to spend time getting to know Barbara. Her wish for her community is for more young people to understand the importance of eating fresh food and more parents leading by example.

Allen and Richardson Farms stand is located at 749 Morton Ave. Martinsville, Indiana.


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Saturday was clean up day at Grumpy Grizzly Farms.  We are so blessed to have wonderful friends that brought in the big guns to get the current garden turned over and we were also able to expand the growing area for next year.  Thank you to Bob, his nephew Eli, and Wayne.  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude today.  We could not do this without our great friends, family and our mentor Steve Spencer.Image

Support Roadside Stands Series

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We are going to create a series dedicated to sharing the stories of Roadside Vegetable Stands across our great Nation.  We know the tremendous hard work and dedication it takes to operate on this small scale.  These local produce farmers in your community need support!  As our food culture in the United States changes, small steps to decentralize our food system will allow us to have more control of the food we feed ourselves and our families. Fresh picked produce has the highest nutritional value (versus being shipped across the country in a semitrailer), will taste better, and often you will find awesome varieties not available at your local grocery store. We hope to share these stories to inspire you to STOP the next time you see a roadside vegetable stand and enjoy the freshest produce you can buy. 

If you have a roadside vegetable stand and would like you share your story…email us at

Grumpy Grizzly Farms

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Grumpy Grizzly Farm

Welcome to our blog about the journey we are on to grow, preserve, and share fresh vegetables. We hope to inspire you to grow!